There's a lot more to it, especially behind the scenes, but that's for another day. I love you all, so don't take offense to my decisions. It was just to help me throughout the game.

Confessionals, Day 4

Yes, I know I wasn't supposed to send four confessionals. I didn't know then, but now I know. Still, lots of drama was going on.

Well, I'm putting this on here. I think I got my team quite nicely. I was talking to BarBar about how I was going to pick CF, MTDM, Nduke, That Epic and a number of other users that I think haven't shown their full potential thus far in The Game or just on the Wiki... no offense to any of you. You guys will do good. Then, I get TDIFan13 to say how he wanted to eliminate BarBar to myself. I give BarBar the quote and convince him to not pick him, so we can auto-eliminate him. Then, I realize... it's a perfect chance to eliminate CD-TDA. I tell him to not pick her. We start picking the teams. Ryan and I were in an alliance at the time. We both wrote several rosters on the people who we should pick. It was: Bigez, Ryan, CD-TDA, Bruno, TDA15 and a whole bunch of other users going down the list. I go pick Bigez, following the script. BarBar starts by picking That Epic. Then, I swoop in and take Ryan. Then, BarBar picks CD. And I start getting mad at him saying she was a threat and could win the game, as she has won two Countdown to 10,000 competitions and knows a lot about gameplay, as she usually has powerful alliances. Eventually, I make a deal with BarBar that I'll get MTDM and they won't have to deal with him (they being his alliance) and they get Nduke, but TDA15 won't get picked. He doesn't answer and will eventually tell everyone, but hey... he went with it. Moving on, I know CD-TDA has a plan. She revealed it to the wrong person. I'm not concerned about it right now, as she can just pick off the other team and that's what they'll get for picking her instead of getting her auto-eliminated. For now, I'm enjoying being on top of the game and trying to win with Ryan and my alliance-mates. :)
Lied to everyone saying I voted my good friend, TDIFan13. I wouldn't do that... at least not now. BarBar isn't falling for it though. I officially know CF1000 has an alliance and I think I should warn everyone to keep my friends safe.

Like Heather said in Total Drama Island...

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer".
MTDM just sent me a private message and said that Nook was gunning for MTDM, TDN and NegativeNoah to all eliminate Ryan. He also adds on to not tell me. Wrong person! Which is exactly why I chose MTDM. MTDM is sneaky. You might think "Oh, he's on an iPod and doesn't edit much. He'll be gone first or second." Well, guess what? No! This is a big point for my team. MTDM doesn't trust him at all. He's in that BarBar alliance. I am gunning for Tanooki out to just shut down this alliance slowly.
[12:22] <BarBar> If people would be smart Ryan will go home
Well, I guess we are stupid. Haha, they won't get him out as long as I'm around.

Elimination, Day 4

Tanooki Editor. Voting Ryan already? In Bar's alliance? Trying to form his own group to eliminate Ryan? You have to be kidding me. -w-

Confessional, Day 7

Hey, I narrowed it down to a few people. NN666 was an easy out. He is just too inactive to have the idol. I can't have it. Only 4 users left to pick. We now have Bigez, Ryan, MTDM and TDN. As much as I like TDN, I just dunno if I can trust him enough to have it. MTDM gave me the details about Tanooki trying to eliminate Ryan, but I am not aware of his full activity. So, I'm giving the idol to TDIFan13, Ryan. I trust him the most. I know he won't betray me hopefully. And we are in an alliance. So, I wish him luck with this and I hope he uses it the right way.

Challenge, Day 11

Here you go sweetheart! :)

Confessional, Day 14

I needed some help in this decision. Everyone right now on my team is my friend, in my alliance and active. This wouldn't have changed if NN666 was in the game... easy elimination. But, I don't know how to pick. I asked Ryan and he misread the challenge. I don't want to wait any longer. I asked Bigez, also in my alliance. He said MTDM and he or TDN would've been my choice, but MTDM is more like a wild card and I don't really trust him as much, even though he told me Tanooki was voting Ryan out with TDN (who didn't vote with him). MTDM is also on and off and is hardly on computers, so it might not work for us in challenges. Plus, he didn't participate in the caption challenge, so I may eventually have regrets for doing this, but I'm switching MTDM. I wish you luck in every best way. Now, let's go get someone from Bar's alliance or CD. >: )

Confessional, Day 15

This elimination is big. Let's hope we win! If we win, a 2-2 vote will make Bar's alliance succeed and honestly, I want that to happen. CD and MTDM aren't in the alliance I believe and might vote together to save their asses, but Bar and Epic will vote together. If all that goes well, 2-2 and two of them might be up for grabs. Then again, CD and MTDM might just vote with them to be safe. 3-1 vote right there. We might lose one of two threats from the game if that goes well. If those two vote different, which is not smart, 2-1-1 vote probably and they another one of them is gone. Now, if they lose the next challenge and it isn't mergetime, seeya second one of CD and MTDM. Then, my alliance vs. Bar's. Simple as that. 2 vs. 3. Bring it on.

Confessional, Day 17

I don't care if he's in my alliance, but if we did lose day seventeen, I would've more than likely voted for TDIFan13. I had a good caption for #4 for the challenge yesterday or at least better than the one he put and if we lost... that would be all on him.

Confessional, Day 18

Teams may be merged, but my plans just continue. Ryan and I plan to make me win the challenge, apparently. Then, make him go to elimination and everyone vote him off, except Bigez, himself and I... and that's when... *cut off*

Challenge, Day 18

1. Said by Izzy in The Aftermath: I.
2. Said by Duncan in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.
3. Said by Sam in Truth or Laser Shark.
4. Said by Gwen in Are We There Yeti?.
5. Said by Owen in Hide and Be Sneaky.
6. Said by Duncan in Wawanakwa Gone Wild.
7. Said by Owen in The Very Last Episode, Really.
8. Said by Noah in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island.

Elimination, Day 18

I vote Bruno. Sorry.

Confessional, Day 19

Ryan gets eliminated. I get Bruno in my alliance with Bigez. Just insurance. I won't plan to vote him out. I won't do any harm to him. He's super nice. Anyways, TDN walked right into my trap.
[18:49] <WebkinzMania> What's with your vote
[18:50] <WebkinzMania> ?
[18:52] <TotalDramaNaruto> uh, what ya mean?
[18:52] <WebkinzMania> In The Game?
[18:52] <WebkinzMania> Emoticon010.png
[18:53] <TotalDramaNaruto> Oh uh..-w-
[18:54] <WebkinzMania> I heard from MTDM that you were in their alliance
[18:54] <WebkinzMania> xD
[18:56] <TotalDramaNaruto> O_O
[18:56] <TotalDramaNaruto> .....
[18:56] <TotalDramaNaruto> -w-
[18:57] <TotalDramaNaruto> I don't know what you're talking about
[18:57] <WebkinzMania> MTDM told me. Emoticon005.png
[18:57] <WebkinzMania> He, you and CD.
[18:58] <WebkinzMania> I heard you guys are going after Bigez.
[18:58] <WebkinzMania> I'm all in. Emoticon005.png
[18:58] <TotalDramaNaruto> ._.
[18:58] <TotalDramaNaruto> Seriously?
[18:59] <WebkinzMania> Mhm.
[18:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> >.> ok.....give me a minute
[18:59] <WebkinzMania> ... Emoticon010.png
[18:59] <WebkinzMania> ._.
[19:00] <TotalDramaNaruto> what? don't worry. Emoticon005.png
Man, oh man... this will be great. Seeya later, CD.

Confessional, Day 20


TDN got banned today. I'm praying that this next challenge or any of the next ones this week is sudden death or in some shape or form a way to get him out. My alliance has the numbers to tie and soon, eventually win.

Challenge, Day 20

I pick 555. 20px-Package_favourite.png

Elimination, Day 20

I really hope they vote Bigez. And Bruno votes for MTDM, who I'm voting also. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Confessional, Day 21

Oh, so what I got eliminated. I don't care. I played a great game. I kicked ass. I mixed everything up. I don't care if I didn't win, but please... just let MTDM or Bigez win. More specifically, Bigez. He was my closest ally in The Game and we hardly talked to each other. Well, Ryan was the closest, but he was eliminated. Regardless, I can't wait until everyone sees my confessionals. This is so great. Good luck to Bigez. May the best big guy win.

Questions, Day 27

All of my questions are for Bruno. Emoticon007.png
1. Why did you make that decision in day twenty two to eliminate me?
2. What was going in your mind after my good friend, TDIFan13 got eliminated?
3. Why do you think you think I should vote for you, especially after eliminating me and TDIFan13?
Thank you for your time. Emoticon007.png

Vote, Day 27

Fairly obvious. Bigez. He stayed with me from the beginning and we were in the alliance together. Sorry, Bruno. But regardless of how you answer my questions, you betrayed me and that'll just stick with me for a while. Good luck to the both of you and may the best big(ez) man win.

Exclusive, Day 1

TDIFan13 and I planned the entire team pick before day one. However, I had TDAwesome15 on my list ahead of half my team. I also convinced Bar to not pick anyone that were a threats (CD-TDA and TDIFan13) in hope to eliminate one of them. However, I would've picked TDIFan13 in my later picks. As soon as he chose CD-TDA, I chose TDIFan13 and had a controversial deal with BarBar, agreeing to not pick TDAwesome15 if I got MTDM and he got Nduke. We got rid of one threat, but we had to deal with CD-TDA later on in the game. Bad choice? I think so.

Exclusive, Day 17

TDIFan13 and I had this elimination plan that would go like this for our team:

TDIFan13/Webkinz Mania (may the best man win)

Obviously, it ended up going the other way around, but Bigez would end up winning, which makes our alliance a lot better than on paper (especially after TDIFan13's elimination).

Exclusive, Day 18

TDIFan13 and I would later adjust the elimination plan after day 18.

Mr. Totaldramaman
TDIFan13/Webkinz Mania (may the best man win)

We would target CD-TDA right away after the merge came was the main point of this and our alliance with Bigez620 would take control of the rest of the game, insuring us being in the final three. If we just got CD-TDA eliminated somehow, we would pretty much be unstoppable and that was the main focus there. Just trying to aim out someone from that alliance each week, even though we would consistently fail until Bigez620 won immunity a few times in a row after our eliminations.