Hai everyjaun! I just thought since everyone else has done this, I should too. Following trends.


This has been mentioned before, but I don't think we're really getting other users besides the same general group involved. Sure, I haven't been a regular in a while for reasons explained VIA blog, but I have re-visited on multiple occasions VIA Apple Store and it seems like no new users are really visting. Nearly everyone who's voted on the Admin deal here is a regular in the IRC. Truly, I've only seen Polieted as a new user there. As DJ_Fan said, we should mention the Code of Conduct next to the link to the site. It's nearly like we're making the IRC exclusive. Sure, anyone can join n' junk, but no one really seems to feel really accepted for a while. Just sayin'.

The Talk Pages

I'm going to stress this. WE NEED PEOPLE TO LOOK OVER THESE PAGES AND GET SOME MORE CONTROL, ESPECIALLY IN THE TDR TALK PAGE! Me and my fellow users, Dako and Polieted, have nearly been playing like we're mothers/tattling children there. Like, we've been confirming things are fake, talking to the TDR-Talk-Children telling them the rules because they keep getting broken, then running off and reporting things to either GrammyJam or Ryan. It feels like no one is paying attention to the busiest spot on the wikia.

For example, we had a massive spammer with over 10 accounts named Gigget that I reported on serveral occasions but only got attention once. In that one time, Gigget's other accounts were deleted. Then, she went ahead, spammed the wikia, and THEN got banned. We need to watch for these kind of things.


This is causing way to much contreversy. We need more admins foh sure, however, we should not put down other users in order to do this. I myself thought that there was other deserving canidates that should of been mentioned too, but I don't think we have to hate on Bigez and Liz in order to be listened too. Be considerate that we're all human and we all have emotions, and we should treat each other with respect.

Wikia Background

We can get a better background then the clouds. Also, we might want to change the color scheme thing because our Character templates look weird in the new enviroment.

Okay, I'm being forced off my computer right now, so I'll come back to this.

I really hope things get better here, and ya.

-- Ale-Alejandrois not gonna reach her telephone! 18:29, December 23, 2010 (UTC)