Bbhinton15's Thoughts and Ideas focuses on Bbhinton15's feeling over improving the Total Drama Wiki.
Thoughts and Ideas
These ideas are only in alphabetical order, no other intentional order.

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Negativity and Obscenity

  • Main Point: The attitudes of users (including myself) are horrible towards others.

This is directed to regular users, rollbacks, administrators, and bureaucrats. On the IRC, there are some people that can't control what they say to others. This is directed mainly to administrators and bureaucrats because most users and rollbacks look up to them. I have witnessed many people directly insult or have a smart mouth towards other users and not get reprimanded. Along with this, I have also noticed many users blurt out obscene actions going on in their Private Messaging area to the public chat. All of it isn't necessary.

  • Idea (Insults and Smart Mouth Comments): Reprimand all users (including administrators) that act mean towards another user, because it is not necessary.
  • Idea (Obscene Actions in Private Messaging): Keep it there, we don't want to hear it. That's what the Private Messaging function is for.

New Users

  • Main Point: I think we should have a new way to greet users that aren't familiar with the IRC and/or the Wiki & IRC.

"IDENTIFY YOURSELF, NOW!" No. Just no. The way some of us greet users into the IRC is beyond unethical. I understand that some users also do not know about the IRC Code of Conduct, but... telling them "You haven't signed this, so get out!" is not the way to talk to new users.

  • Idea: Care and compassion.

The Total Drama Wiki



  • Main Point: The inactivity most of you guys have is virtually unacceptable.

Being an administrator does not mean just banning idiots, no matter what you've heard. The admins on our Wiki, in a general average (not singling out anyone in particular), hardly edit, do not update pages that only admins can update, and are "too busy" to attend to certain things that users need. You were promoted to the position that you have because of the hard work that you did to get there. That does not mean you can just slack off. The Wiki is a place where you go when you have leisure time; if your life is too busy, you shouldn't be an admin, because those positions should be reserved for people that will always have time for this place... and if that's not possible, the positions should be reserved for people that are close to that.

  • Idea: Activity from the admins.
  • Idea: If inactivity gets out of hand, demotion and replacements.

Regular Users

  • Main Point: You guys are doing decent, no complaints.
  • Idea: N/A


  • Main Point: You guys are doing okay, no complaints.
  • Idea: N/A


  • Main Point: I believe the banning process for banning people on the Wiki is flawed.

"How does 3 months sound?" "How does 2 days sound?" "Is a year okay?" These are the kinds of things that I hear all the time when it comes to banning someone on the Wiki and/or the Wiki & the IRC. I don't think we should just have the admins consult for, like, 10 seconds about how long a ban should be, especially if all administrators aren't there. I think this should be immediately corrected.

  • Idea: Making a forum page complete with every offense imaginable and corresponding each offense with a Wiki ban time limit, having the smaller offenses correspond to smaller times and the same for larger offenses.


  • Main Point: I think the wiki should be more organized.

Alright. I think there are certain pages on the Wiki that could really be better organized, plain and simple. We don't have that many users working on organizing the wiki better than it is right now, in my opinion. On our wiki, our pages are basically grouped together through categories. Take the "Alliances" category, for example. Common sense would tell me that all the pages grouped in that category should look... well... the same. For some instances, they don't. I think we should have an organization pattern within all pages on the wiki, so they all look good, the same, and uncluttered.

  • Idea: More organization.
  • Idea: My Wiki Proposal concerning the titles of pages.


  • Main Point: I do not think that the wiki is getting updated as quickly as it should be.

A place like our Wiki with as many users as we have should not be having any kind of hiatuses or pauses in production when it comes to updating it. I have noticed the Main Page, the Featured Pages, Contest Pages, and our Stats Pages go un-updated for times on end. Of course, this is immoral, in my opinion. We take time out to document the history of something, using the Wiki, and do not go through with it.

  • Idea: More activity on the wiki when it comes to updating.
  • Idea: Assign regular users or rollbacks to positions or places that aren't getting updated that well.