1. More Administrators - It seems like we're only promoting rollbacks and roundtable leaders right now. There are four admins right now, and that doesn't seem to suffice. The Candidates for Deletion go weeks without being cleared, and some users take hours, days, or even weeks to get banned. Plus, the talk pages with a lot of editors seem like they rarely get visited by admins, since there are insulting comments on there, but the admins don't seem to do anything about it. The main page sometimes takes one whole week to update, and the same goes for the Featured's. That's why we need more administrators on this wiki.
  2. Background - Just that it's all choppy and stuff. I'd like to see that fixed...
  3. Rules & Administrators - Several times on the IRC, administrators of the wiki break rules. Yet, they seem to be immune to it. I have seen lots of administrators be rude, abuse Op and so on without getting a consequence. It seems like the admins are immune to their own rules at times.
  4. Roundtable's Improvement - Roundtable's return is certainly not doing anything. About three users are coming bi-weekly, and roundtable is not getting any advertising whatsoever. Roundtable can be a very good and popular feature, but not if it's ignored like this. The suggestion blog got lots of more ideas on it.
  5. Op Abuse on the IRC - Op is abused a lot of times, that's all.

-- CD-TDA talks and edits 22:48, December 18, 2010 (UTC)