These are my thoughts as far as making improvements to the total drama wiki.

1. Not many come to mind at the moment but I've been DYING for us to have an electric eels page. I put it on the suggestion blog a few months ago but I don't think anyone saw it. O_o Imo, if we have pages for things like the chocolaxative cupcake and Cody Jr...then the electric eels should definitely have a page.

2. I definitely think we should have more users (of course only the most trustworthy users) gain banning and kicking ability. If that translates into adminship, then yes, more admins would be swell. This is because I've noticed a sharp increase of vandals on the wiki and this is one of the few ways I can think of beefing up security. So far, I've caught about seven or eight vandals by chance when logging on in the past, and I would want those vandals to be confronted by someone with power as soon as possible. Scheduling interviews with people interested in adminship would be great. The more security guards, the better!!! We should make sure these so called "security guards" are people that log on at different times, so security would be round the clock (nothing extreme though, by "round the clock" I don't mean 24/7. People need their sleep.) xD

3. Also as far as security goes, we need to have people that are assigned to constantly check the featured voting pages to see if there's ever a person that ended up not reading the rules. -_- (i.e., people that nominate or vote without enough MS or have foolish reasoning for opposing something). This isn't that much of a problem since these people usually get caught...but there have been cases in the past where this goes unnoticed).

4. A different background would be nice. I don't know, the light blue sky is total drama style, but it just doesn't work imo. Back when Lindsay and Duncan's pictures were on the homepage, it really stood out and looked good. Ask the people of the wiki in a poll each month or every half year who they want as their background characters to "keep it fresh", as the youngsters say. =P

That's all for now. GleekForTheater will bust the windows out ya caaar!!! 23:07, December 16, 2010 (UTC)