What does the wiki need to improve? There are a few things that could be changed. Please note they're not in any specific order:

  1. The Wiki's Background: It could work if it's cut correctly, but you can DEFINITELY identify the difference between each frame of the picture. It could be changed to something better and even more, something interactive between the users. It could give the Poll of the Week a better purpose, after all.
  2. The Adminship: As I see it, it's becoming a Popularity Contest. We've four admins right now, and they're quite capable of doing their job without help, but, otherwise, having some other admins would only make their work easier. It will help them to improve their phrase "It's a hard work to be an admin" to something more like "It's a hard work, but, giving each person an assignment makes it easier". We do need to at least have some order at this. It's no joke that the Deleted Candidates Page can stay the same for weeks before someone noticing it, or that the Main Page's supposed updates can get delayed by some days. Either give some assignments to each admin or get some more so they can get to control the whole situation better.
  3. Not as a request, but just to stop people from saying adding interactive activities. When we call for a Wiki Fest, only the same people we see each day at the IRC comes. When we call for a RoundTable, only the people that's reminded (Yes, in the IRC) comes; Same with a lot of other projects. If you want interactivity, give people reminders. Edit their talkpages with messages saying TODAY'S THE ROUNDTABLE, YOU SHOULD COME HERE *POST LINK HERE* AND SAY WHAT DO YOU THINK, AS AN USER, WE NEED. I know it may not give ANY more people to come, but at least it's now because of them.
  4. A more open to ideas Council. I've noticed that the council has been getting delayed on a meeting, so it needs a good schedule system. And if someone tells me that the council is very open for everyone, then... why is this wiki existing in first place? We need to improve a way to comunicate between users and admins, and both Council and Roundtable exclude one part of the other, so call my idea a RoundCouncil or whatever, we need diversity in these kind of meetings or else only one part will take the lead of the ideas. I also highly dislike how Roundtable's ideas, some of them being VERY deserving to become real, were ignored due to the council not being able to meet in time to consider them correctly. Organization is the key.
  5. The IRC: I highly dislike the way things are at the IRC. If you're angry at someone, PLEASE take your problem into PM. It's ANNOYING to read people fighting, and it's awkward to say anything. The IRC is for fun, and, so far as my bad english let's me understand, Fun means no fighting/conflicts/bad words towards other users.
  6. Total Drama The IRC: I'm going straight with this.... I'm very disturbed by how the bans and stuff go around the IRC and the wiki. I know some people dislike the user Tdifan24, but that does not give ANYONE the rights to insult/ ban him for more than the real reason. Yes, he added an unwanted picture, but it's not fair he's getting 3 months away from the IRC (When the picture was uploaded on the wiki) for doing so, and I noticed how this was because of the hate towards him more than uploading the picture. This is not a competition so please, keep bans objective instead of being subjective towards who's affected by the user's action.
  7. Rules or Chains: I know we've been going through a lot of troubles from random/anonymous users that log on into our dear IRC, but, we're also becoming a less open community. "We're sorry but if you have not signed the code of Conduct you can't be here" So far, there's NO link along with the Chatroom's IRC link that points out to this Code of Conduct *cough*thatsomepeopledoesnotrespect*cough*. I suggest adding both links together so a new user can find themselves more into the community.
  8. Active: Is being in the IRC all day being active? Or does it mean editing the wiki from time to time? We need to define this word... Just remember that, the IRC is something added to the wiki to work on social relations (Even if we already have talk pages for that matter) while editing is the main purpose of the Wiki's activity ;)
  9. Kicking or not?: Lately, some users have been getting "annoyed" by the fact that people leave their account open in the IRC. As I'm concerned, this does not interrupt any kind of activity of the other users, so... why do we have to kick them? Is it really annoying, or just because of certain individual? Get your points straight, people. It's more annoying that we're discussing about topics like this one instead of the more important ones. My suggestion? Leave things as they are, seeing a name in the user's tray in the IRC is NOT annoying at all. I know why people is now starting to suggest this, but it's not really what we need.
  10. Making the IRC... EXCLUSIVE?: What? No way. I don't agree. The IRC has the purpose to improve the social life of an user of the wiki. If someone joins only to come there, what's the problem? This is not the ideal of an open community. Instead of limiting their entrance to the IRC, motivate them to grow into the wiki's family. I completely disagree with this new idea that's popping up. It makes it look like we are now a private wiki... Just, No.

Those are my ideas, maybe they will be useful, maybe not, I don't mind. It's up to us to decide if we want some progress or end up at a total collapse of the wiki.

DJ_Fan Sharing Our worlds 23:19, December 17, 2010 (UTC)