I have many ideas for the Wiki. Please note that this list will be added to at many times.

Ideas for Wiki:

1) More Admins - We need more admins. I think that we should add 4 admins, 2 from RB, and 2 normal users. These should not be based on amount of edits or frequency of edits, but by activity and friendliness. I think that the Wiki should vote on who they want as admins so it is not a popularity contest. However, due to the loss of 2 RBs, those should be replaced as well.

2) TDR Page - Keep this up to date. It is very behind on information that has been proved through photos and videos. I think that the admins should stay on this page, or open it to the public. However, if you open it up and vandalism begins, then it can be locked again.

3) Wiki Page - Same as above. Needs to be updated.

4) Stricter maintaining of the Talk Pages - There has been many off topic topics and fighting between users over rules clearly stated at the top. I think that if the admins watched over these pages more frequently, then there would be lees occurrences of this.

5) Ban Team - I have heard many complaints that banning does not happen quickly enough. However, if we do not go through with adding of admins, then we should have a Ban Team, a team that has the power to ban at any time. These bans can also be reverted by the admins if needed. Along with the power of banning on the Wiki, they should get Op on the IRC.

6) IRC Op - I have made up a list of people that I think should get Op in the IRC. The list is: Me, CD, Musou, Liz, and TDAwesome15. I have determined this list based on the people that are most active in the IRC and would be able to handle the power responsibly.

Not to bash FH or anything, but I would like to reply to some of her blog points.

Alright, wiki friends, the admins that were online tonight (Kgman, TDIFan13, and myself) talked to a group of users with lots of ideas that had not yet been voiced. And now they have. Without further ado, the general admin consensus:

  • New Admins.
    • (We like the idea, but are a little choosy about who we'll promote. Our top choices are Lizcat68 and Bigez620. We plan on promoting them within the next month.) I don't like the idea of telling the wiki on who you are going to promote. Why not just promote them now? And I and many other users feel that there are much more suitable admin-quality users out there.
  • More IRC Op.
    • (We like it, but we want to make sure we can trust a user before giving them auto op. The new admins will get it too.) Ok... That's not answering the question, but how do we know if you can trust us? There needs to be a blog about this more specifically.
  • IRC games/more RP.
    • (This seems like a "form groups on your own time" thing. Like, less of a wiki thing, more of an internet friend thing. Also, the more roleplay idea is actually pretty nice. We'll try to have more opportunities for that in the future.) Well, the whole purpose of the IRC is to chat about Total Drama, not to play games. And last time I checked, we have a roleplay, so why make more?
  • Updating rules and talk page patrolling.
    • ((I like that this was voiced.) We'll try to get up on that and work on watching talk pages. Try to report things when you see them. If an admin doesn't catch it, we'd still like to help!) THANK YOU.
  • Removing relationship/conflict labels.
    • (We want to have a wiki-wide vote. I'll post the link when we have one. It's to choose between keeping pages labled "relationship"/"friendship"/"conflict"/"attraction" or to just make it "[Character one] and [character two].") I'd like to keep it the same or else I feel it would get confusing personally.

--One by one, they’ll all go down!Trixie for Roleplay Season 4!!! 21:00, December 20, 2010 (UTC)