Total Drama Island eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Ezekiel Male Killer Bass 22nd Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 Because of his sexist comments against women.
Eva Female Killer Bass Returns The Big Sleep Lost her temper after Heather stole her MP3 Player thinking that her team took it.
Noah Male Screaming Gophers 21st Dodgebrawl Refused to participate in the dodgeball game by being over-sarcastic and ticked off his teammates.
Justin Male Screaming Gophers 20th Not Quite Famous Heather tricked others into voting off Justin instead of her.
Katie Female Killer Bass 19th The Sucky Outdoors She and Sadie had gotten lost and showed up too late at camp to save their team.
Tyler Male Killer Bass 18th Phobia Factor His inability to conquer his fear of chickens caused the loss of his team.
Izzy Female Screaming Gophers Returns Up the Creek Although she was not actually eliminated, the RCMP arrive to arrest her and she runs off screaming, "You'll never get me alive!"
Cody Male Screaming Gophers 17th Paintball Deer Hunter He was in a full body cast due to being mauled by a bear and the team thought he wasn't useful anymore.
Beth Female Screaming Gophers 16th If You Can't Take The Heat... Her team found out about the cursed tiki idol she took from Boney Island and was blamed for their losses.
Sadie Female Killer Bass 15th Who Can You Trust? Courtney convinced her teammates to vote Sadie off after she continued shooting crab apples at Courtney even though the challenge was already won.
Courtney Female Killer Bass 14th Basic Straining Harold got back at Duncan for his pranking by rigging the votes and replacing all of them with votes for Courtney.
Harold Male Killer Bass 13th X-Treme Torture Harold bailed in the skiing challenge when he was distracted by Heather's bare chest.
Eva Female Killer Bass 12th No Pain, No Game She let her temper get the better of her again and her grudge against Bridgette.
Trent Male Screaming Gophers 11th Search and Do Not Destroy Gwen told Leshawna that Heather kissed Trent. Leshawna told everybody to vote him or Heather off. Since Heather won invincibility, they voted off Trent instead.
Bridgette Female Killer Bass 10th Hide and Be Sneaky The guys' alliance voted her off because she was likable and good at sports.
Lindsay Female Screaming Gophers 9th That's Off the Chain! Thanks to Heather she crossed the finish line second, but since Owen and Duncan couldn't make it to the finish line, due to their bikes being destroyed, by a technicality, she was the last to cross the finish line.
DJ Male Killer Bass 8th Hook, Line, and Screamer For running away before the Killer even got to him, automatically eliminating him.
Izzy Female Screaming Gophers 7th Wawanakwa Gone Wild! She shot Heather, Chef Hatchet, a plane, and a unicorn with a tranquillizer gun due to having bad hunting skills and being too crazy.
Geoff Male Killer Bass 6th Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon His happy attitude and popularity were a threat to all the campers.
Leshawna Female Screaming Gophers 5th Haute Camp-ture Katie and Sadie accidentally caused many of the campers and a parrot to vote her off by saying her name.
Duncan Male Killer Bass 4th Are We There Yeti? Chef hates Duncan because of all the trouble he caused in the entire season.
Heather Female Screaming Gophers 3rd I Triple Dog Dare You! Gwen and Owen teamed up against her, and she failed a dare on a technicality due.
Heather Female Screaming Gophers Runner-up/winner The Very Last Episode, Really! Came in second during the final challenge; came in first in her ending.
Owen Male Screaming Gophers Winner/runner-up The Very Last Episode, Really! Won the final challenge and won the first season; came in second in Gwen's ending.
Total Drama Action eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Bridgette Female None 15th/14th Alien Resurr-eggtion Everybody was sick of seeing her make out with Geoff.
Geoff Male None 15th/14th Alien Resurr-eggtion Everybody was sick of seeing him make out with Bridgette.
E-Scope Male Killer Grips Returns Riot On Set She lost the acting challenge for her team.
Trent Male Killer Grips 13th 3:10 to Crazytown Justin heard that Trent was cheating for Gwen and told Gwen that she owed them. Gwen, then requested the team to vote him off.
Gwen Female Killer Bass 12th The Chefshank Redemption Voted herself off in order to repay the Killer Grips for when Trent had thrown challenges for her.
DJ Male Killer Bass 11th The Sand Witch Project Quit the competition while Lindsay's elimination and confessed his illegal alliance with Chef, due to guilt.
Izzy Female Killer Grips 10th Full Metal Drama Justin convinced Beth and Lindsay to vote her off, as opposed to him, when she told him that he wasn't that cute.
Owen Male Killer Grips Returns Ocean's Eight - Or Nine Although all Killer Grips voted off Courtney, her lawyer made it so she could not be voted off in that episode. She voted off Owen for losing the challenge.
Heather Female Screaming Gaffers 9th Million Dollar Babies Leshawna's cheerleading convinced Duncan and Harold to vote for Heather, who lost a challenge, instead of Leshawna.
Leshawna Female Screaming Gaffers 8th Super Hero-ld Sent home because Duncan, Courtney, and Justin all convinced Harold to vote her off with them.
Justin Male Killer Grips 7th The Princess Pride Sent home because Courtney pretended to like him to get him to throw the final part of the challenge to earn invincibility for herself.
Lindsay Female Killer Grips 6th Rock n' Rule Lindsay tries to get Beth, Owen, and Harold to vote off Duncan, but during the Glided Chris Ceremony, Beth distracts her and she eliminates herself.
Harold Male Screaming Gaffers 5th Rock n' Rule Owen voted for him to keep himself covered, since he had been caught by Harold. Duncan also voted for him after he squished Scruffy.
Courtney Female Killer Grips 4th Top Dog Duncan betrayed her and voted her off because he was tired of listening to her and Beth voted her off because Courtney was a bigger threat than Owen.
Owen Male Killer Grips 3rd Top Dog Seconds after Courtney was eliminated, Chris fired him from the show for revealing his purpose of returning.
Beth Female Killer Grips 2nd/1st The Aftermath: IV Beth got less votes than Duncan. Winner in the Beth's ending.
Duncan Male Screaming Gaffers 1st/2nd The Aftermath: IV Duncan got more votes than Beth. Runner-up in the Beth's ending.
Total Drama World Tour eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Duncan Male None Returns Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 He refused to sing a reprise of Come Fly With Us and quit the show.
Ezekiel Male Team Victory 18th Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 He cost his team the challenge by accidentally letting an alligator eat the stick their team was supposed to hold on to.
Harold Male Team Victory 17th Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan DJ was supposed to be eliminated. Harold decided to eliminate himself just as DJ was about to be sent home instead in an effort to restore his team's honor.
Bridgette Female Team Victory 16th Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better Got her tongue stuck to a pole and cost her team the challenge.
Leshawna Female Team Victory 15th Slap Slap Revolution Jumped off the platform to slap Heather because of her comments about Alejandro, costing her team the challenge.
Lindsay Female Team Victory 14th Can't Help Falling in Louvre Lindsay's model was the worst-looking in the walk-off ordered by Chris, so she was eliminated.
Izzy Female Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 13th Jamaica Me Sweat Although she is not actually eliminated, the military takes her out of the competition. She was hit by the plane and something sparks in her brain which makes her incredibly smart and valuable to the army.
DJ Male Team Victory 12th Jamaica Me Sweat Alejandro sabotaged his third run on the bobsled course which gave him an incomplete time. He was then automatically eliminated from the competition because he was the last member of Team Victory.
Noah Male Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 11th I See London... Alejandro discovered that Noah had recognized the fact that he was an untrustworthy person. Not wanting to be threatened by him, he convinced Tyler and Duncan to vote with him against Noah.
Tyler Male Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 10th The EX-Files He destroyed his team's alien artifact. Duncan was also angry with him for telling everyone about his kiss with Gwen.
Gwen Female Team Amazon 9th Picnic on Hanging Dork A tie in the votes caused Courtney and Gwen to participate in a tie-breaker challenge. Due to Gwen being allergic to eucalyptus, Courtney defeated her easily.
Owen Male Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 8th Niagara Brawls Alejandro convinced Duncan, Heather, and Sierra to vote him off due to his popularity with both the contestants and the audience.
Blaineley Female None 6th/7th Chinese Fake-Out Due to a tie in votes and budget issues, Chris sends Blaineley and Courtney home in a double elimination, after Blaineley was caught cheating in the challenge.
Blaineley Female Team Amazon 6th/7th Chinese Fake-Out Due to a tie in votes and budget issues, Chris sends Blaineley and Courtney home in a double elimination, after Courtney was caught helping Alejandro in the challenge.
Duncan Male Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 5th African Lying Safari Alejandro and Heather formed an alliance and both voted him off, giving him the most votes in a 2-1-1-1 vote.
Sierra Female Team Amazon 4th Awwwwww, Drumheller Alejandro was supposed to be eliminated, but Sierra accidentally blew up Chris' plane, when she brought out lit firecrackers on Cody's birthday cake, and Chris eliminated her for that in pure anger, even though she won the challenge.
Cody Male Team Amazon 3rd Hawaiian Punch He and Alejandro tied for the final spot in the final two in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles; they had to do a traditional fire dance tie-breaker challenge. Alejandro wins when he tricks Cody, eliminating him.
Heather Female Team Amazon 2nd/1st Hawaiian Punch After knocking Alejandro down the volcano on an ice cube, she throws his dummy into the volcano instead of her own, causing him to win the challenge and Total Drama World Tour rather than herself. Winner in the Heather's ending.
Alejandro Male Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 1st/2nd Hawaiian Punch Heather threw his dummy in the volcano rather than her own by accident, causing him to win the final challenge. Runner-up in the Heather's ending.
Total Drama: Revenge of the Island eliminations
Contestant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Staci Female Toxic Rats 13th Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! Her constant comments about her relatives irritated her teammates.
Dakota Female Toxic Rats Returns Truth or Laser Shark She cost the team the win by being too distracted by the paparazzi.
B Male Toxic Rats 12th Ice Ice Baby Scott saw him as a threat, and sabotaged him to make it seem like he lost the challenge.
Dawn Female Toxic Rats 11th Backstabbers Ahoy! She was accused of being a thief after Scott framed her for stealing from the other contestants.
Sam Male Toxic Rats 10th Runaway Model He failed to win the challenge for his team, seeing the challenge as a video game.
Brick Male Toxic Rats 9th A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste He was too assertive, and helped the other team with the mutant moles.
Anne Maria Female Mutant Maggots 8th A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste She quit when she thought she had a giant diamond.
Dakota Female Mutant Maggots 7th The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean Scott was voted off, but he used the immunity idol to save himself; therefore, Dakota was eliminated instead. Zoey voted Dakota because their friendship was hazardous to her health.
Mike Male Mutant Maggots 6th Grand Chef Auto After winning the challenge, Scott was able to pick who's going home, and he picked Mike, who he had been blackmailing by Scott over the course of the day.
Jo Female Toxic Rats 5th Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon Cameron and Lightning voted her off due to their dislike towards her.
Scott Male Toxic Rats 4th Eat, Puke and Be Wary Cameron and Zoey voted him off in retaliation for being a jerk and causing so many eliminations, including Mike.
Zoey Female Mutant Maggots 3rd The Enchanted Franken-Forest Lightning won the challenge and got to select who to send home, and he picked Zoey, thinking that Cameron would be easy to defeat in the finale.
Lightning Male Toxic Rats 2nd/1st Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown He was pinned down by Cameron for three seconds in the final challenge, thus losing the million dollars; came in first in his ending.
Cameron Male Mutant Maggots 1st/2nd Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown He pinned Lightning down for three seconds in the final challenge, thus winning the million dollars; came in second in Lightning's ending.