Contestant Team Episode Rank Merge?
Lindsay Heroic Hamsters First eliminated (in Heroes vs. Villains) 14th place Non-merged
Lightning Villainous Vultures Second eliminated (in Evil Dread) 13th place
Jo Villainous Vultures Third eliminated (in Saving Private Leechball) 12th place
Sam Heroic Hamsters Fourth eliminated (in Food Fright) 11th place
Heather Villainous Vultures Fifth eliminated (in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition) 10th place
Sierra Heroic Hamsters Sixth eliminated (in Suckers Punched) 9th place
Duncan Heroic Hamsters Seventh eliminated (in You Regatta Be Kidding Me) 8th place Merged
Cameron Villainous Vultures Eighth eliminated (in Zeek And Ye Shall Find) 7th place

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