Okay. So. Due to the fact I suck at writing, don't make fun of me for this sucky page/article thing. D:

What I think on the wiki. Hmmmm.... I think the wiki needs to have more admins. Not admins that jsut comemout of the blue- I think that we need to promote a few rollbacks. Like Mygeto or Bigez who've been rollbacks for quite some time. I also think that rollbacks and admins should both have kicking and banning powers in the IRC, but only admins should have auto op. For example, if an admin is in the room, they can give the rollbacks op.

What else? I, myself, think that many users are much too trusted. I know that a few council members have been spilling secret stuff from council meetings... etc.

Yeah. So that's all I have for now. I'll write more later, after I edit so I won't "be demoted for being so lazy". (That was a quote from someone in the IRC, but I won't mention names.)