*Below are some of my opinions on wiki resources and how some can be improved.


In my opinion, the fanclubs are pretty much a waste and they should be deleted. They used to be a place for users to share pictures and talk about their favorite characters and couples, but it just seems like they have died down + if we even attempt to make them more active, I don't even think of them as a good idea anymore... and I'm sure several users can agree.
Background I love the ideas of the clouds, but on my computer (and I'm sure many other people's computers) it is messed up. The clouds don't line up on the sides and for me, it just looks sloppy. I think this could be improved by a background that lines up so it can easily be tiled.
Main Page For me, the main page just looks like it's unorganized and not so professional. If professional wasn't what we were going for, maybe it's time we make a few changes to that.

*Below are some of my opinions on the wiki and IRC authorities and how some can be improved.

IRC Ops This idea was originally brought to our attention by Calvin Coolidge, I believe. I love this idea. There are so many times when the admins are not in the IRC and we are stuck without op. What if someone was to come and spam the IRC? And go to the main freenode chatroom and misrepresent us? Our IRC would be gone. They already gave us a second chance, so that would not be good at all. I know that sometimes users are given op, but wouldn't it be better to have our very own official IRC Ops?
Admins More admins are definitely needed. 4 admins really isn't enough. They aren't on all the time, and it's always a good thing to have a trustworthy person guiding our wiki and keeping things under control.
Rollbacks I think there are too many rollbacks. Maybe some rollbacks can be promoted. I would say that some can be demoted, but maybe that just wouldn't be the right thing to do. It's just that some of them are inactive. However, some are really active, and in my opinion, deserve a promotion.

I shall now conclude my ideas page with the wise words of Gleek... "that is all."