Here are some of my thoughts or ideas that we can do for the wiki, or improve on.

Wiki Thoughts and ideas


Yes, the wiki definitely needs more admins. Besides, we could have more keeping on the look out for vandals and making sure everything gets up to date. In my opinion, I think these users would become great admins such as... Lizcat, Musou, and DJ_Fan.

Off Topic Forums

Alright, does the wiki really need all those off topic forums? In my opinion, I think that some of them can be considered useless and should be deleted. Anyway, maybe we should have some sort of voting to decide if we want to keep or delete them. Yes, they can be fun, but I'm just saying what I think we should do. Or maybe there can be an IRC channel called (#tdwiki-off topic) or something, but that was just a suggestion, not real. I also think that would be a good replacement. That way users can talk about whatever they want in there, without having to deal with making a forum about it.

Fan Clubs

I think we should try to make them more active. Fan clubs are suppose to be fun where people can talk about their favorite characters, couples, etc. Also, I think the "Pole Fan Club" is a bit much. I mean come on! Do we really need a fan club for a pole that Bridgette was tricked to kiss? I don't think so. In my opinion, I think that the Pole Fan Club is a waste of someones time to even attend to that. It's like making a fan club for a small fly, so it is considered useless, and should be deleted. I think we should keep the rest and only delete the useless ones. So thats all I wanted to say about the fan clubs.


I love the background, good color scheme, but to me the clouds look a bit small and unprofessional. They don't line up right when your looking at them from side to side. Also when your looking at them from an up and down view, they look like they're all in a row. I think we should make the clouds bigger and line them up right. I also think we should put some characters in there too. So I'm pretty sure that most users would agree with me on this.

Main Page

Well I think the main page is pretty well done, however, we can make it more professional. Like maybe we can put a background around the featured user section. Kind of like a square around the user's username and speech, and we can have black for the background and gold of the border and the words. In my opinion, I think that would make the person who gets featured more honored and appreciated to have that role. I also think we should have the "About the Wiki" section on top of the main page. It would be better that way. And instead of having the logos repreasent all the seasons, we can have the winner of each season on there repreasenting them.

(More sections may be added soon.)

IRC Thoughts and Ideas


To me, I think it's a fail. In my opinion, I think it just went from a weekly event, to uselessness. Well... that's what it may be if we don't get it running again. Anyway, the possitive thing to do is to try to get it up and running again. Now what can we do to get it running again? I think we should put something about it on the main page. We can have a section saying "Come to the wiki's Roundtable" or something. However, if the Roundtable ever gets brought up again, I'm pretty sure the admins will fugure out.


I beleave this idea was brought up by Calvin Coolidge. Or if so I heard. Anyway, I think it's a really good idea. Sometimes the admins are not always in the IRC, such as being on BRB, AFK, or not in there at all. Like what if some vandal or n00b came into the IRC and started spamming and going into other channels? Then our channel would be ruined and thats not good. Considering I heard we had a channel (#TDIWF) that got banned, because users went into other channels. Right? So I think it's a good idea for trusted users to have Op. In my opinion, those users would be... Neko-naito, Crash85, misstditylerfan, TotalDramaAddict, and Me.

Quiz Bowl

I think we should try to bring back the Quiz Bowl. The Quiz Bowl is a fun IRC event where people show their knowledge on how much they know about Total Drama. So I think we should really take this into consideration, because it's been a while since we had the Quiz Bowl.

(More sections may be added soon.)

~ numbuhthreefan Knd x Glee