Ep 2: Father/Son
Ep 3: Tennis Players
Ep 4: Scientists
Ep 5: Kelly/Taylor
Ep 6: Father/Son
Ep 7: Kelly/Taylor
Ep 8: Kelly/Taylor
Ep 9: Kelly/Taylor
Ep 10: Rock/Spud
Ep 11: Goths
Ep 12: Rock/Spud
Ep 13: Rock/Spud
Ep 14: Rock/Spud
Ep 15: non-elimination
Ep 16: MacArthur/Sanders
Ep 17: Emma/Kitty
Ep 18: Noah/Owen
Ep 19: Devin/Carrie
Ep 20: Geoff/Brody
Ep 21: Stephanie/Ryan
Ep 22: Emma/Kitty
Ep 23: Devin/Carrie
Ep 24: Emma/Kitty
Ep 25: Emma/Kitty
Ep 26 Winner: MacArthur/Sanders

Episode 5: why did Jen/Tom not get a penalty for not doing the actual phrase when they were talking to the Lady Gaga girl?

Episode 7: how did Noah push Owen? I’m sorry but do the writers know Kelly and Taylor exist?

Episode 19: No Vegas, no elimination (Carrie/Devin). Quite a disappointment. One of the biggest bummers in franchise history.

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