Two players face off - the first person to "sandwich" something said by the opponent by sending a message both immediately before and immediately after a line they send scores a point.

Brazilian Shuffle

The host will give one category. Players must list 5 things that pertain to that category.

  • Example: Host says colors, so players could say red, white, black, blue, and green. First to give 5 legitimate answers scores a point.


The host posts a category, and all players must whisper the host something that belongs in the category within five seconds. In addition to anyone who does not reply in time or is incorrect, if two or more players send the same thing, they are also out. Once there are only two or three people remaining, switch to Categories Face-Off.

Categories Face-Off

The host posts a category, and players must continually whisper the host something that belongs in the category every 7 seconds. Anyone who does not reply within the 7-second timeframe or repeats one of their prior answers is out. Last person standing wins.

Categories Roll Call

A category is given, along with items that may or may not fit. When a player hears an item that fits the category, the first to type in the correct word gets a point and to choose one person to eliminate for the remainder of this game. If one says a wrong answer, they are eliminated.

  • Example: The category is Total Drama contestants. Wilson, Larry, Phil, Emily, Mary, Scott (correct answer).


The host posts a word with the first and the last letter removed. First person to post any applicable word wins.

  • Example: XAMPL = EXAMPLE, EA = HEAD, OR = WORD.

Chutes and Ladders

The host posts a message similar to "~~~~~~~~~~~O" and players must respond with a message similar to "=========O" of equal or lesser length than the host's. The closest person without going over scores a point (tiebreak goes to who was first).


The host will say a thing, and the players must say the color that it is.

  • Example: Host says "grass" and the players say "green."


The host will think of a 3 or 4 (by choice of the host) digit number. Each round, each player submits their guess for what the code is via whisper. The host will then say for each player how many digits they got correctly in the correct place.

  • Example: If the code is 123, and a player submits 321, they will have gotten one number's placement correct, the 2. Repeat this in the same fashion until a player correctly guesses the code.

Code Word

The host will think of a word or phrase, and give clues to players each round. All players are allowed one guess for each round. First player to guess the word the host is describing wins a point.

  • Example: Clue #1: Fruit. Clue #2: Sweet. Clue #3: Fuzzy. Clue #4: Princess. Answer: Peach.

Cookie Counting

The host will post a line of parentheses and colons (and other things), where each instance of "(::)" is a cookie. The fastest person to reply with how many cookies are in the line scores a point.

Complete Me

The goal is to have two different people say the words "COMPLETE" and "ME" on two consecutive lines. The first two people to have a successful match both get a point. The round starts when the host says "YOU" and then the first two to match win their respective points.

  • Tiebreaker: The host will just say "COMPLETE" and the first to say "ME" wins.

Counting Dots

The host posts a long string of dots, and the player with the closest guess to how many dots there are scores a point. Only one guess per player. Tiebreak goes to who guesses first. (Dots range from 1-125).


The host posts the name of some emoticons, and the players must post them in emoticon form. First to give all the emoticons in order wins a point. (IE: doge cupcake cthulhu; :doge: :cupcake: :@)


The host says a message with numbers in it (1, 3, 23, etc.) and the first player to list all the numbers in the word form (one, three, twenty three, etc.) wins.

  • Example: Host says "I saw 1,003 dogs in 2 cars", so players must say "one thousand three two."


The host will give a birthstone, the players have one chance to identify what month that birthstone is associated with.


Players take turns attempting to spell a word by saying one letter at a time. The first person who spells an actual word loses the round and the other player gets a point. If a player says a letter that does NOT correspond to an actual word, then the other player can "challenge" that letter. If challenged, the player must provide the word they were attemping to spell, or they will lose the round. If they can provide a word, then the one who challenged loses the round. Players should have a time limit per letter and all words must be more than 3 letters.

The order is created via the person who won immunity the last challenge or alphabetically.

  • Example: Host says B, so the others say A, B, Y and S. Someone challenges the person who says S and if they cannot come up with a word that features those letters in that order, the challenger wins immunity. If there is a word, the person who got challenged wins immunity.

Heddeh's Game

Similar to Hedger's Game except that the host can be spelling a word either forwards OR backwards (and the host does not say which one it is). So, the letters LAN could lead to LANDING or EMOTIONAL.

Hedger's Game

The host begins to spell a word backwards one letter at a time. The first person to guess the word correctly scores a point.

Hello Hola Bonjour

The host will say a word in a foreign language. First one to guess the word scores a point.

  • Alternate: The host says a phrase in a foreign language. First one to guess the language scores a point.

Just In Time

The host posts a number, and every person to reply in that amount of seconds scores a point. Use timestamps, and do not allow talking while a round is active.

Math Reflex

The host will ask a math question. First one to get the correct answer scores a point.

Meet the Team

The host whispers every player in the game which tribe/team they are on, the first player to post which players are on their tribe/team wins the challenge. Generally, each person only gets one guess, and if they are wrong, someone else on their team has to guess.

Memory Lane Trivia

Trivia based off of events that have happened in the game.

Minority Rules

The host will give two options, and players try to choose the option they think less players will choose. People in the minority get one point. First to three wins. However, if there is a 4-1 vote, the one person in the minority automatically wins the challenge.

Odds and Evens

The players will send the host a number 1-10 and their prediction if all of the sums combined from other players' numbers is even or odd. If they are correct, they stay alive. If they are wrong, they are out. Last one standing wins!


The host posts either "pit", "fireball", or "vine", and the contestants reply "jump", "duck", and "swing", respectively. Anyone who typos or sends the wrong action is out, as well as the last person to send the correct action. Last person standing wins.


The host posts a phrase in which all letters have been replaced by the numerical values 1-26 (1 for A, 26 for Z, 5 for E, etc.). The first person to post the phrase in letter/english form scores a point.

Question Scrabble

The host whispers a word to every player. As a whole, these words spell out a question. Just like in Scrabble, the players must find out the words of the other players to form a question, and then whisper the host what the answer to the question is. The first player to do so wins the challenge.

Quiz Bowl

The host asks a question that nobody can possibly know the answer to (ex. who won the men's pole vault in the 1976 Olympics), but to which the answer can easily be found on Google. The first person to answer the question correctly (after Googling for it) receives a point.

Red Light, Green Light

The host says "GREEN LIGHT" after which everyone begins counting to 20, one number a time. The host will say "RED" warning players to stop counting, then "LIGHT". Anyone who counts after "LIGHT" is eliminated. The host then says "GREEN LIGHT" again and this process repeats until someone reaches 20 or one person is left in.

Rigged Election

Each player will submit a vote via whisper in an election. Whoever receives the second most votes wins the challenge. If there is a tie, players revote between the tied players.

  • Note: Host will have to specify whether most votes or 2nd most votes would win the tiebreaker.


There are a set number of ropes per round (generally about equal to the number of players). Everyone picks a rope to go on, and also pick a rope to cut. They will whisper their choices to the host. If their rope gets cut by another player, they fall and lose. If not, they survive to the next round where they can pick a new rope to go on and to cut.

Save the Date

The host will say an event in history and the players must respond with the year that it happened. There is a 5 second time limit to prevent from Googling, and if no one is correct the closest guess wins. Out loud, not whisper.


The host whispers every player in the challenge a letter to a certain word, the players must find out the letters of the other players and whisper the host what the full word is. The first player to do so wins the challenge.


The host will ask players to give two numbers. The first number is a number 1-10. The second number is their prediction of what the sum of all numbers submitted by other players is. Person closest to the sum wins! If it's a tie, first to send wins!


The host posts an acronym or something of the sort (LOL) and the first person to type out what it means (Laugh out Loud) scores a point.


The host posts two letters and the player must make a word by having these two letters at the end of the word.

  • Example: IS - thesis

Where's the Vowels?

The host will give a word or phrase, but it is missing all of its vowels. Players must figure out what word/phrase it is, including its vowels. Typically, y is a consonant in this game.

Who Said It?

Quotes from the series or someone's userpage are shared and you have to guess who said them or in what episode did the person say it.

Word Generation

The host posts two letters, and the person who posts a word of 6 letters or more (sometimes 8) that starts with the two letters scores a point.

  • Example: IS - isotope