Original blog from January 2012.

This is my second "top #" blog and this one is about the top 20 ways Total Drama World Tour was horrible, including eliminations, returns, debuts, double eliminations, challenges, aftermaths, episodes, characters and more.

HM. The Future - What happens with the contestants? Does Alejandro remain as a robot? Do they all swim alive? Does Ezekiel turn back to be a human? Does Heather get her money? Are there sharks in the water? New contestants? What happens to the old contestants? Ah, questions that could've been answered in the speculated special, but it wasn't made.

20. Double Eliminations - I'm real happy that double eliminations weren't out of hand, unlike Total Drama Action, when we went through a ton of them, especially the final four one, which was honestly pathetic. The thing that annoys me though, is that Courtney and Blaineley got eliminated together, when there were a crapload of fake eliminations and reward challenges to eliminate one or the other.

19. Advertising and Leaks - It was amazing when everything got leaked and we saw it sooner, but it was karma that came back to us. If we waited longer, we wouldn't be complaining about the new season that much. It wouldn't have been a full year or year and a half wait. It would only be a bit less of a year to a full year of a wait. Cartoon Network also spoiled Ezekiel and Lindsay's eliminations for us by the way while advertising new episodes. We also saw Blaineley in a commercial with the contestants, so we knew she would debut sometime in the competition.

18. Owen and Blaineley - This made no sense at all. Yes, it was a romantic challenge, but Owen and Izzy didn't fully break up. Owen felt bad for Izzy after she got injured while jumping off the plane. It doesn't make sense why they dated and ended up not talking after the challenge anymore.

17. Leshawna's Elimination - Yes, she did throw the challenge, but at that time, she was the strongest person on the team. First off, they all hated Heather. Leshawna punches Heather in the face and she gets a black eye and loses a tooth. They should enjoy that and keep consideration that Leshawna is the strongest and they need her. DJ was killing animals and Lindsay still didn't know how to spell London.

16. Quiet Aftermaths - Something else that annoyed me was how in the first aftermath, the contestants interacted with each other more than ever. They reported, led interviews, sung songs and much more. The first aftermath. But everything went downfall from there. They had no interactions, especially the funny Eva that season. It was only Bridgette, Geoff and Blaineley, along with bears, video guests and sometimes eliminated people.

HM. Sierra - Sierra was supposed to be a obsessive super fan. She was. But it was only for Cody and Chris. She hardly said any facts about someone other than those two. Yes, the super number one fan of Total Drama only obsessives for 2/26 characters (including Chef, Chris, Blaineley and Alejandro and not including herself). She had her amazing moments, but I honestly expected more of her.

15. Harold - The little nerd became a lot more bossier this season, bossing everyone around in the Japan movie challenge. He's the lovable underdog nerd who is also odd, not the bossy underdog nerd who is also odd. It doesn't fit his role after all of these seasons and challenges.

14. "If You Don't Sing, You're Out" - Unless your name is Cody, who didn't sing in over 10 songs in a row. I love how Chris only said this to Duncan and DJ (and everyone in the first challenge), but just those two specifically. If that rule seriously did count, the season would've been over halfway sooner than it actually was. I love how half the things Chris said didn't even happen. How can the writers forget that small detail, that was said twice outside the first episode?

13. Tiebreaking Challenge - Gwen and Courtney's tiebreaking challenge is something else I call unfair on Chris' hand. In a double elimination or a tie in past seasons, there were no tiebreaking challenges. This later happens with Courtney and Blaineley. Instead of eliminating them both, there was a tiebreaker. Bridgette and Geoff... no tiebreaker. Owen and Courtney... no tiebreaker. Courtney and Gwen... tiebreaker. Plus, Gwen was allergic to the leaves and stuff. It's unfair and stupid.

12. Bridgette and Geoff - In Total Drama Action, Geoff changed and was all about the business and deals. He was like a Chris Jr. not caring for fellow contestants, aftermathees and Bridgette. Geoff changed at the last aftermath and dated Bridgette again, but that didn't last, as Bridgette cheated on Geoff showing love to Alejandro. She fell for him and got eliminated by him, because of that. The I'm Sorry song is a cheap way of an apology and I wish that Geoff didn't accept Bridgette again, even though Bridgette is over falling for Alejandro.

11. Izzy's Elimination - What the hell happened with Izzy? Right when she was getting crazier than ever as well as being awesome, she jumps of a plane and gets injured. Then, an army sargent takes Izzy away, departing her from the competition. Now, Izzy may be really active and wild, which can be helpful for the army, but why wasn't the same happening to Owen and Gwen. What makes Izzy so special to leave? That was a cheap way to eliminate someone from the competition. That wouldn't happen in Survivor, when someone gets injured and taken away by someone from the army. This is animation, I know, but it made no sense whatsoever.

HM. Justin - Alejandro was the villain of season three. Justin tried to be the villain the same way as Alejandro, by using his looks. It didn't work out at all, as he was evil for the first few episodes and Courtney debuted and took over the competition. She even made Justin fall for her. Justin. Alejandro basically replaced Justin for season three, since he did everything Justin did, even look ugly while his elimination or winning. Justin could've not done season two and instead season three, coming in first or second or whatever and Alejandro wouldn't have existed.

10. Alejandro - Now comes Justin's counterpart, Alejandro. Alejandro godplayed his way through several challenges making some interesting poses. How can he do that? Plus, he is the Bugs Bunny of Total Drama World Tour, since he was almost perfect in everything, such as running, dancing, singing, listening, making girls fall for him, hypnotizing etc.

9. Team Victory - The lovable losers. Some of people's most favorite characters (Lindsay, Leshawna, DJ, Ezekiel [Fedora]) were on that team. However, none of them lasted throughout the first ten episodes. They all got eliminated. Two episodes when they got a break by coming in first and second, it was a fake elimination or a reward challenge and none of them got eliminated, unlike the perfect Team Amazon, who stood high until the merge. By the merge, Team Victory was long gone.

8. Tyler's Elimination - Just like Izzy, right when Tyler starts to get awesome and does amazing, he just gets eliminated for hardly any reason. I think Owen would've been a better choice, but again... somehow they voted out Tyler for some reason. Owen is just a writer's pet. Tyler was much more useful than Owen in Total Drama World Tour.

7. Team Amazon - Team Amazon's winning streak was so perfect. When they lost the Amazon challenge, it was a fake elimination. They didn't face a single elimination until Gwen got eliminated in a tiebreaking challenge. Team Chris found the Ripper in the London challenge and Team Amazon found Duncan, but Team Amazon somehow still won. How?

6. Duncan's Return - I think Duncan's return was just out of nowhere. Why would Chris let Duncan, the person who quit in the first challenge, over singing, return? He gets "eliminated" the next episode, but whoopdee doo! Fake elimination. Nice one, Chris. Duncan has his fair share of moments, but it's just a waste returning him and having a fake elimination.

HM. Sierra Part 2 - Sierra's elimination is another annoying thing in Total Drama World Tour. She was expected to win by a lot of people and had the biggest chance of winning, but she had a cake with dynamite candles that blew up Chris' plane for Cody's birthday, which came out of nowhere, she gets eliminated. Chris gets more annoyed in this season than any other. If Chef made the plane run out of fuel, why didn't Chris get mad at Chef? What's so different with Sierra?

5. Not Fair as a Square - Chris in Total Drama World Tour, like I stated was annoyed more than any other season. But his controlling the challenges and eliminations and game was quite horrible. He had several fake eliminations, such as Sierra, Heather, Duncan and Interns. Then, he has several reward challenges, an unfair tiebreaking challenge and finally, doesn't remember his rules... if you don't sing, you stay.

4. Cody's Elimination - Right when Sierra gets eliminated, everyone shifts to Cody to win. Or almost everyone. However, Cody gets eliminated due to the godplaying Alejandro. Another tiebreaking final two that was well thought out, but the aftermath... not so much. Cody had everyone's support and might have been weaker than the godplaying Alejandro, who is so athletic that he was raised at the circus!

3. Noah's Elimination - Noah's elimination, like Tyler's came at a bad time. Even though he did insult Alejandro, the leader of the time at the time, he did the best at the challenge and was one of the best people in his team, in terms of leadership, listening, working and funniness. He was funny in the London episode more than any other person. Any other. A better choice, like stated above, is Owen, who did nothing honestly, but of course he's a writer's pet.

2. Blaineley - Someone Blaineley wins the challenge to return to the game, since Bridgette and Geoff don't like or want her at the Aftermath studio. So, she returns over fan favorites such as Lindsay, Noah and Beth. She has a good run and just when she is getting funnier, like Noah and Tyler, Chris throws a curveball and has a double elimination. Yes, Courtney gets eliminated, which is somewhat good and I'm glad there's no tiebreaking challenge. But Blaineley, after only two episodes, having awesome moments, gets eliminated. What a waste of a return. We could've had possible winners, but Blaineley gets eliminated after just two episodes. Two, not five, not ten. Just two.

1. Chris - Chris was super unfair and worse in Total Drama World Tour than in any other season before. He had unfair tiebreaking challenges, tons of fake eliminations, short returns, unfair challenges, unfair quitting, forgot his rules, obsessed over his plane, got more greedy, wasn't as funny, was cheaper than ever, had many reward challenge and controlled the game. I seriously respect the voice actors and all, but Chris needs to go and was the biggest problem and issue in Total Drama World Tour. Possible better hosts: Blaineley (only survived two episodes), Eva, Josh or someone new all together.