Voteout is a watered down version of roleplay that has no characters and challenges, but just eliminations instead. It is played at random times due to the support of users on the site.


  • More than four people have to play.
  • You are allowed to make alliances.
  • When asked to vote, everyone votes.
  • Whoever has the most votes is out.
  • The winner is decided by a jury vote.


While that is how it is normally played, sometimes there are variations to change up the game and make it more interesting.


A lot of versions of the game feature an idol to save yourself or someone else before the elimination and votes are revealed. You are not allowed to use it after the final four.

  • An idol will be given out at random.
  • An idol will be given at a random voteout, but won't be announced until the votes have been cast.
  • Another idol might be handed out too.


Every round should usually have an elimination to keep interest in the game, but there are other types of eliminations to keep the game fresh and interesting.

  • Double Elimination - Common; two people get eliminated; save for any time.
  • Triple Elimination - Uncommon; three people get eliminated (either most votes or two people with the most votes and person who votes last); save for start of the game.
  • Fake Elimination - Rare; votes are revealed but don't count; save for start or middle of the game.
  • Last Elimination - Uncommon; the person who votes last will be eliminated; save for any time but last elimination.


At times, a person chosen by the host, the remaining contestants or person who was eliminated first might return. They will have immunity the first night they return.

They can also get the chance to void two people's votes for a certain elimination (before the final four).


The person who has the most votes by a jury of eliminated players will win.

  • If a season is played prior to the game, everyone can still vote for a winner, but the person who won the previous season will choose "win" or "lose" and whoever has the most votes will reflect that.
  • Whoever received the least amount of votes throughout the entire game will win and there will be no jury vote.