Here I go...


I know this probably won't be used, but I think we should have more activities in the IRC. Maybe a Wiki-TPIR or Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune or Truth or Dare. The IRC has been pretty boring to me (and probably a few more users) as of late. Also, I think we should have a Wiki Fest for each holiday/season/event, including the holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day, TDR premiere, summer, Wiki's birthday etc. We clearly need to have more of those, since we haven't had one since the horrible Wiki Fest for the Wiki's birthday.


Four admins is clearly not enough, especially because one/two are inactive most/part of the time. It takes hours for vandals to be banned and we have been in the IRC with no Op for a couple of hours before. I think the best people to promote to admin are: CD, Liz, Musou, DJ fan and Bigez. Also, it takes a few more days or weeks to update the front page than it should. I think instead of voting in a council, the users (and staff) would be able to vote for who they want to promote in a forum page.


I think we should make a page called List of Animals and put the animal pages that are stubs on it (or maybe the animal pages that are less than five thousand bytes)... aka nearly all of them.


The background needs a change. I would like to thank Kg for making this the background for the time being, but I think we should make this background a bit bigger like in the Glee Wiki and have a few of the cast members falling from the sky (in their poses from Before We Die or the flipbook).


I think we can remove the three words or less rule for the commenting, but emotions or "..." should still give users bans. Anyways, I think we should be a lot more serious about blog posts and give bans to whoever makes a Total Drama blog about love triangles, a season, an episode etc., since they should be doing it on forums. If not, I don't think we should use forums anymore and get rid of them all together (well, maybe not club crazy and other wiki artifacts/pieces of history).


We haven't had a single council since October and I think we should have one weekly or biweekly. Everything discussed in the council should be brought up to the users or on a forum page and they can vote support or against it to see if the users want/like it or not. Whatever they decide will go in the council member's hands, but can't be changed.

Fan Clubs

I think we should delete the fanclubs for fanon relationships like Gwen-Harold, Ezekiel-Bridgette, Trent-Courtney, Noah-Izzy, Justin-Courtney, Harold-Heather, Noah-Bridgette, Alejandro-Sierra, Beth-Cody, Gwen-Alejandro, Gwen-Courtney-Duncan and Noah-Owen Friendship. We should also delete fanclubs for animals, one time characters, interns, upcoming characters, coconuts and the antagonist/protagonist.

We should also delete other fan clubs like: "TOTAL DRAMA WEEKENDS SOCIAL CLUB & PETITION", "Chris's other Gameshows Club", "TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR CLUB", "Total Drama Superheroes fan club", "Alejandro vs Heather FanClub", "DxC Worst Song Ever Club", Underdog Club", "Pole Fan Club", "Chriney", "Total Drama and Wayside club", "OPERATION: SWITCH TO BETH FOR TDA CHAMPION CLUB!!!", "The Good Old Days" and "Anti-Alejandro Club".

Front Page

I wanted to redo the front page for a while and whenever we get to that, I would like to remove the poll and featured image (since those basically take up some space that we can have to advertise roundtable and other wiki news/activities or maybe page proposals) and we could use the slider features and more.


I think we should remove galleries on character pages, since they are really big/huge and despite how we sometimes trim it, it does get bigger. I know it's good to keep images that can't fit somewhere on the article in a space, but I just don't really see the point of just... having it. Maybe we should cut down some of them and remove poses with more than one character... but, I think galleries on object/episode pages are certainly fine.


I think we should stop the groups on the Wiki, since nobody really does the jobs anymore. The special page group has tons of users not from the group working on it and I think I have to say that they did a great job. The Friendly Group got nowhere, the Userbox Group didn't do so good either and the Welcome Group has been slacking for a while (maybe it's because we don't have a lot of new users as of late). But I think it's certainly fine to remove them and give them up, since the mission was accomplished.

Interaction Pages

I seriously agree with Bbhinton15's proposals about moving interaction pages from "________-_________ Conflict/Friendship/Relationship/Attraction" to just "_______ and_______". While that happens, I also agree with Jam7 about removing the "Everyone-________ Conflict/Friendship/Attraction" pages, other than Owen, Heather and Justin's pages. Also, I think we should also remove the interaction pages that are a stub or can fit in the Owen, Heather and Justin's everyone pages just fine.


First off, we really need to start using that more and kick/ban users who break the rules on the Code of Conduct, since that has not been happening at all. I think we should do the inactive kicking, since some people leave for long periods of time and don't come back and that really ticks me off. I know we used to do that so we can maintain up and admins can get auto-Op now, but too many users go inactive for long periods of time now. I think if someone has to go somewhere, they should just go and not stay on, especially Ops in that matter.


I think we should have this IRC Op feature that Calvin explained to us before while the previous second election. These people can be rollbacks or trusted users on the Wiki who don't or won't abuse Op, including: DJ fan, Crash, Neko, Bridgette DJ10 and Numbuhthreefan.


After this term, I think we should retire the President/Vice President role. They still have the same amount of power than all the other admins and they just get the title and have to do a bit more work. I suggest we stop this after this term.


I would just like to state something: if the user is in some editing competition like Countdown to 10,000 and they fluff, they shouldn't get a small ban, because that would not teach them a lesson. Maybe a couple of days (3-5) would do them better...

However, I agree with Bbhinton15 about the rules. We should have a rule page, so it wouldn't take hours, days or weeks for one user to be banned. I think that is nonsense and unacceptable. You can search for all of the rules the user broke and see the time limits. If it's more than one, add them up and ban them for the total amount of both/all.

-- Webkinz Mania lawlz contributions 23:04, December 19, 2010 (UTC)