Fandom isn't perfect. Nothing is, but it's far from good either. Here are my suggestions for some features on the site that will either increase productivity or be useful and well received amongst visitors and users.



  • Badges
    • Add more badges to fuel more motivation and allow less customizable work. Update outdated badges also.
  • Ban Log
    • The ban log should have options that have ban times, such as a day, a week, a month and indefinite to see all the bans for those times.
  • Commenting Limits
    • Set protections for admins, registered users only or everyone for article commenting and blog commenting.
  • Commenting Notice
    • Add a commenting notice right under "[number] comments" (or "100 comments"), that can either feature the rules, a notice or some news regarding commenting.
  • Delete Contributions
    • Delete certain contributions rather than an entire page. This would be very helpful if there was a vandal attack or pages were renamed.
  • Duplicate Files
    • Special:FileDuplicateSearch only lists duplicates of an image you have to manually enter, it'd be nice if there was a Special page that listed all images with a duplicate, in the fashion of Special:DoubleRedirects. Changing and deleting the files to the new name should be a click of the button.
  • Edit Toolbar
    • Allow us to add or remove the edit toolbar that features bold, italics, underline, outside links and signatures to include strike, font, centered, colors, right aligned and small.
  • Multiple Upload
    • Using highlight on your computer, you can put multiple images set to upload rather than going through each one of them.
  • Polls
    • Changing colors per voting panel, multiple choice polls, changing it into a pie chart and a newer interface will be some of the new features of the poll.
  • Protection
    • More customizable protections where you can check off admins, b-crats, rollbacks, chat mods, regular users and everyone and whatever you check off can edit the page.
  • "Read More" Sections
  • Reports
  • Signature Limits
    • Increase the signature character limits to 750, because signatures are a lot longer these days. Make templates that appear as signatures as the template name rather than the entire template coding.
  • Sitenotice
    • Instead of storing Wiki messages and news in the community corner, you should be able to have them on the right toolbar with "Photos", "Recent Wiki Activity" and "Chat".
  • Tabber
    • Make tabber more attractive, customizable and easier to use in general.
  • User Tags
    • An easier way to change user tags and user tag colors. Check off "admin", "rollback", "user", "b-crat", "chat mod", "inactive", "new user", "IP address", "founder" and "featured user" to show up on userpages.


  • Bots
    • Make it easier to either request bots or make bots.
  • Deleting Namespace
    • If there is no content in a certain namespace on a Wiki, you have the option to delete it, so it will not show up in any site searches, editcount listings etc.
  • Hourly Updates
    • Instead of every twenty-four hours, update the maintenance pages every hour.
  • More Results
    • Unlimited access to maintenance, rather than being limited at one thousand.
  • Multiple Delete
    • You should be able to delete more than one item on the Wiki at once, just like how you can upload more than one at once.
  • Top Searches
    • See the top page searches and keyword searches, similar to viewers per page, as seen below.
  • Viewers Per Page
    • See how many people viewed the page per hour, day, month, year or overall to see peaks of interest and activity. Also showcase users who have viewed the page (disable this through preferences).
  • Wikia Stats
    • Have accurate Wikia stats rather than outdated stats or incorrect stats, similar to the now-defunct special page from several years ago.


  • MediaWiki Tips
    • Make a new blog every day or week featuring some MediaWiki tips and tools and how to do them.



  • Away Button
    • Lets you go away instantly without waiting five minutes. Changing your default away time should be an option as well.
  • Chat Archives
    • Save your favorite or important chats.
  • Clear Chat
    • Allows you to clear the entire chat at once, following a warning if you want to clear the chat.
  • Ignore
    • Set ignore times for certain users who you don't like or don't want to speak to for certain limits of time or whenever they join the chatroom.
  • Multiple Kick/Ban
    • Kick and/or ban more than one user at once; helpful under attacks with many accounts.
  • Multiple PMs
    • Send private messages to more than one user at once.
  • Ping
    • Set ping phrases and a sound whenever someone says your username, which will alert you that you are needed.
  • Swear Filter
    • Set words that will make you be kicked out of chat if you try to say. Bans can also be set too for swearing.
  • Topics
    • 250 character limit for rules, chat events and a welcome message for visitors that appear on the top of the chatting screen.
  • Up
    • Clicking the up button on your keyboard should get you what you said last onto the chat.
  • User Information
    • Click the username of a certain user to see their blogs, contributions etc.


  • Bold
    • Allow users to add bold important tidbits or their messages.
  • Colors
    • Change your colors from black to red, blue, yellow or chocolate. Include a color page to observe all colors too.
  • Custom Emoticons
    • Let singular users pick their own emoticons if they don't like the current set that the Wiki gives them.
  • Font
    • Pick your favorite font from a big supply, which should be listed with the colors.
  • Font Sizes
    • Big or small text sizes.
  • Italics
    • Allow users to add italics important tidbits or their messages.
  • Message Backgrounds
    • Give your messages a blue background, rather than a normal light grey background.
  • Strike
    • Allow users to add a strike to their messages.
  • Underline
    • Allow users to add an underline important tidbits or their messages.

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